By checking this box, I understand that this is a fully kosher event serving both mevushal and non-mevushal wines. I am fully Shomer Shabbos and will adhere to the laws of kashrus and mevushal as dictated by the OU, which certifies KFWE.

  • Shift Schedule:

  • NOTE: If you are requesting to work with a specific winery, we will do our best to accommodate and cannot guarantee that all preferences will be available.

  • Important Information

  • Dress code: a black or white button down shirt with black slacks for gentlemen, and black or white top with a black skirt or a black dress for women. Please note that all attire must be completely tznius and men should be wearing a kippah. If you are not dressed appropriately, you may be turned away.

    Pourers are not allowed to drink or eat from the food vendors. If you are drinking and/or found inebriated, eating from vendor tables or are taking excessive breaks, you will be asked to leave and will not be paid.

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